The Chinese Crested is a Playful and Curious Companion

Chinese Crested Breed of Domestic Dog
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Chinese Crested

If you are searching for the perfect breed to fit your lifestyle, the Chinese Crested is a viable and appropriate option. Suitable for both those living in apartments and for families with children, this loyal and affectionate creature makes a wonderful companion for up to twelve years for those willing to take the time to care for them.

This unique breed is one of the most visually intriguing you will ever see and it comes in two major varieties, hairless and powder puff. Despite their occasionally ‘shabby’ appearance, these lovable mutts are intensely loyal to their owners and love to play. This breed is clean and quiet but does require a lot of one-on-one attention.


Also known as the African Hairless Terrier, the Chinese Crested has been around for hundreds of years. The breed originated in Africa where they were discovered by the exploring Chinese who began using them on the ships to control the on-board rodent population. As the Chinese traveled to new lands in Central and South America, they traded these dogs with many Native American tribes who used them as bed warmers. Through the years, this breed slowly made its way to America, where they have been considered loyal pets and companions for more than one hundred years.

Living with a Crested

Unlike many breeds, the crested is a playful dog, but is not loud or messy. Perfect for allergy sufferers, they shed very little and lack that distinct ‘dog smell’ that other breeds have. While they enjoy being active and playful, Cresteds are not known for making noise. In fact, they rarely bark at all unless they feel endangered. However, they do, have a very unique howl, which they reserve for those times when they are happy and enjoying themselves. This type of dog is appropriate for families and is not a danger to children. Typically well behaved around other people and pets, the Crested is a very easy-going animal, but can have a shy and timid temperament if not socialized properly as a pup.


While the hairless variety of this breed does not require much coat upkeep, the powder puff variety tends to need a lot more care. Longhaired Cresteds have a unique double coat that needs special care during periods where the dog is shedding. Brush regularly to avoid problems with your pet’s coat as the under layer can easily become matted if not taken care of.

The hairless variety need less attention when it comes to their coats, but more when it comes to their skin. Because typical Cresteds only have hair on their head, feet and tails, the majority of their skin is exposed and unprotected. This type of dog often has issues with their skin, which can easily become dry, cracked and painful if not cared for properly. Bathe your Crested frequently and massage in vet-recommended oils, creams and sunscreens to prevent sun damage and over drying.

Additional Things You Should Know About Your Crested

Although these dogs are wonderful pets, there are a few minor issues and situations for which you should be prepared.

Teeth - While typically healthy, Chinese Cresteds are prone to tooth decay and various dental issues, so be sure to make regular dental maintenance appointments with your vet.

Skin - Also, they burn easily and require the use of sunscreen during long periods of outdoor activity.

Training - This breed is extremely loyal, but can develop a ‘pack leader’ mentality if not properly socialized and trained. This mentality will cause your dog to behave badly and disobey because they will perceive you as ‘beneath them’.

If you are searching for the ideal dog to make a companion, the Chinese Crested breed is an excellent selection. These loyal, loving and playful creatures are especially perfect for apartment living, and can easily be cared for even by the most inexperienced dog owner. Love, care and attention are all you will need to keep your companion healthy and happy.

Chinese Crested Dog Sitting Down, Looking to the Side
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