Medium Size Dog Breeds

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Medium Size Dog Breeds

These dog breeds combine the best of both canine worlds, large and small. They're big enough to be a man's best friend and small enough to suit a lady's small-dog passion, although slightly bigger than purse-portable! They're cute and cuddly, but still just big enough for a good wrestle. They can also be great with small children and adolescents. Even though a bit less fearsome than a large breed, they can still make fantastic watch dogs for the home.

Perfect for Any Environment

This size of dog breed can fit easily in most living environments, from smaller apartments and condos to houses on large or modest acreage with room to run. One of the most beloved benefits of a medium size breed is their adaptability to their surroundings. Larger dogs can often feel big and clumsy, and can be a formidable presence, especially in cozy corners. Smaller dogs, on the other paw, tend to have such high energy that they seem to lend a palpable nervous energy to a room, even when relaxing in someone's lap. Medium size dog breeds are just the right size to get to know their environment well, curiously investigating corners with easy mobility and without being a cumbersome or skittish presence.

Long or Short Hair

A benefit of medium size dog breeds is the ease of grooming, when compared to larger breeds. Even medium breeds with longer coats that shed frequently can be manageable. Depending upon the amount of time you have to devote to grooming and cleaning, you may want to evaluate the pros and cons of long hair breeds versus short hair breeds. Apart from aesthetics, (long hair breeds often seem "cuter" because they're fluffier), the difference is really just time management. Long hair dogs require frequent grooming to keep their coats free of knots and clusters. Usually a thorough combing twice a week is diligent maintenance. Consider your flooring as well, as keeping up with shedding and stray hairs is a constant effort for long hair breeds. Hardwood floors tend to guide hair toward crevices and carpets tend to trap hair. So keeping vigilant with sweeping or vacuuming is a must for owners of long hair breeds. Short hair medium size breeds also shed, but generally a lot less. Frequent combing and bathing will help keep their short coats shiny and reduce potential for stray shedding.

Tips for Selecting a Dog

When considering adopting a dog, keep these few tips in mind:

Allergies - Pet dander is a common allergy. It's not the fur that makes you sneeze and gets your eyes itchy or puffy, it's the dander. Some long hair breeds actually trap the dander in their fur, due to its abundant length, while short hair breeds' thinner coats can have a lot of dander on the visible surface. But there are a few breeds that produce less dander and are known as "hypoallergenic" breeds. For medium size dog breeds, hypoallergenic breeds include:




Family Environment - Some medium size dog breeds interact better with other pets and small children than others. The Bulldog, for example, is often considered fearsome because of their size and "mean" appearance, but they're actually quite docile and gentle around children. Other medium size breeds that are great with kids are:


Basset Hounds

Border Collies

Springer Spaniels

English Sheepdogs

Expense - Medium size dog breeds have healthy appetites for food and for fun. Be sure to factor in how a medium size dog will affect your weekly and annual budgets. Food, toys, accessories, activities, vet visits and insurance are all basic pet expenses to ensure the long life and happy health of your new addition.

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