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Use the Dog Breed Selector tool to narrow down your choices when searching for your new dog. With so many different dogs to choose from you may not know where to begin. We hope this tool will give you a starting point in your search. Take your time and learn everything you can about the dog breeds that you are considering.

There are so many great dogs to consider, from a very big Mastiff to a very small Chihuahua, and everything in between. Will we be a match? Will we enjoy doing things together? Do I want a big dog or little dog? Inside or outside? Do I want an energetic dog such as the Border Collie or one that has a lower activity level such as the English Bulldog? Do I have a suitable environment for my new dog? Will the dog be good around kids?

Not all dogs of the same breed will act the same. Knowing something about a dogs parents may give you an indication of how the dog may behave. If you can visit the dogs parents before getting your dog this may help you with your choice.

Whether you live in an apartment or on a farm there will be many suitable dogs for you to choose from. Check out all the dog breed profiles on this site to help you find the dog that is just right for you. Take the quiz and find out if the dogs you are considering will have the traits, and characteristics suitable for you.

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